Location: Hosur, India
Status: Completed
Size: 52,000 Sq Ft

Every building has its own subjective characteristics. Unveiling and showcasing that particular essence plays a major role in designing the structure. The Cenneys Fortuna, a business hotel in Hosur is an example of how the environment of the site itself forms the inspiration to design of the building.

Being a businesses hotel, it's important to maintain the aesthetics of the structure. Considering all these points, every detail of the hotel is designed with special expressions using the right materials and a neutral colour scheme. The bar is inspired by beer theme and has barrels, beer caps projecting from the wall. Spotlight of the bar is the bar counter with suspended bottle rack and emphasised using cove lighting below.

The vintage-themed southern wall has vintage photo frames. And the flags at the entrance amplifies the theme and ambience created in the space.